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Anspayaxw bids on government contracts. Work is done in logging, tree planting, matting and fertilizing, brushing and weeding and GPS surveys. Anspayaxw Developments has also served as lead proponent in FRBC funding work such as watershed restoration projects like rehabilitating fish habitat and road deactivation.

Our crew are all very experienced in silviculture services, tree-planting, brushing & weeding, spacing, danger tree assessment, danger tree falling and occupational first-aid / Level 3.

Anspayaxw also does contract work on road work, water and sewer installation and housing construction. Equipment the Band owns include: an excavator, backhoe, grader, dump truck and several trucks and vans for transporting employees. The equipment is available through contract by the Kispiox Band Council.

Anspayaxw Jobsite.JPG

Contact Info:

Anspayawx Development Ltd.
1336 Kispiox Valley Road
Kispiox, B.C.
V0J 1Y4

Telephone (250) 842-5248 extension 232
Fax (250) 842-5604

Maxwell Stevens- Forestry Manager
Lorne Wilson- First-Aid, Supervisor
Alex Johnson-First-Aid, Quality Control

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