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Within the Gitksan Nation there are specific clans that each member belongs to. We are a matrilineal society and each member is born into his/her clan and follows his/her mother. Pdeek or clans of the Gitksan have the same main crest or in some cases more than one main crest. Although the House Groups organize many aspects of Gitksan life, the Clan is an organizing principle as well. The most important institution determined by Clan is marriage. A Gitksan must not marry within his/her Clan, he/she must marry a member of a different Clan. To marry in one's Clan is a serious breach of Gitksan law.

The pdeek (clans) that are in Kispiox and throughout the Gigeenix (eastern region) are:
Gisgaast - Fireweed
Lax Gibuu - Wolf
Lax See'l - Frog

The pdeek (clans) in the Gyeets (western region) are:
Lax Gibuu—Wolf
Lax Skiik—Eagle

Clans also act together in one of the most important institutions of the Gitksan - the liligit or feast.

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