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Once your child is born it is very important to register him/her.  To register your child you will need the following:

  • Bring in your child’s original birth certificate – which states both parents’ names – policy requires that the original birth certificate must be mailed out to INAC and will be returned once your child is registered.

  • Signed parental consent form – must be signed by both parents as identified on the birth certificate.

  • For your child to be eligible for registration with the Kispiox Band under the Indian Act one or both parents must be registered with Kispiox Band.

Since the “degree” of the entitlement to Indian status of a child will be dependent on the entitlement of BOTH parents, it is important to identify both parents in order to determine the entitlement of a child for registration under the Indian Act. Where a birth document does NOT name the father, statutory declarations from the parents should be obtained where the natural father may admit or deny paternity before a determination as to entitlement can be made. The result of such research will help assess the entitlement under Section 6(1) or 6(2).

For more information check the Registration on Indian Register Under the Indian Act

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