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The Social Development program delivers services in Social Assistance (intake and issuing of benefits), Training and Employment, Child Welfare, National Child Benefits Reinvestments, COPH, Brighter Futures, Homemaking Services, Family Violence and includes a wide range of activities of a social and economic development nature. 
Homemaking is intended to provide services to those who reside on the Kispiox Reserve.  To begin the process a referral is required from the Gitksan Health Society which identifies hours per week, start and end date, as well as specific housekeeping duties for each client.
This program is administered and supervised by the Band Social Development Worker with the assistance of the Social Development Clerk under the direction of the Band Manager.  The Kispiox Band Social Development program must adhere to the Gitksan Social Development Policy (1996). 
The Band social department assists in the development of community resources, capacities, and services designed to enhance the social functioning of individuals and the community as a whole by conducting home visits, advocating for families with external agencies, assisting Elders, reinforcing the traditional responsibility of caring and supporting all Gitksan and working towards independence and growth away from social assistance to social development.  Social development includes developing educational and employment plans for all able bodied individuals, focusing on realistic goals with assistance from the extended family, house group and community.

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